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   I offer the best-tasting food and I save you valuable time in your life by sparing you the hassles of grocery shopping, the time preparing your meals and the mess that cooking leaves behind. A Personal Chef Service is your answer to providing you and your family with great tasting, healthful, affordable meals in the comfort of your home without the daily grind of shopping and cooking. 

You can order food from a restaurant, but let’s be real you can do that any day of the week. Why not make it extra special and hire a personal chef? I  can customize menus according to your needs and preferences.



What type of service do you need?
Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies?



I would love to hear from you

+1 201 660 41 98

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+ Personal Brand 

I believe that every culinary professional should have a chance to create a chef brand. In today's market, cooking skills are not enough…you need a brand! That’s why we give you the training you need to build a success culinary brand. From developing your brand identity, to knowing how to prepare for media demos, all the way to maximizing social media.

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+ Food Styling 

Food is a sensuous product and needs to appeal to all five of the senses in order to make it extra desirable. Food styling and food photography provides visual presentation is therefore equally as important as taste and smell when it comes to good quality food. With a variety of textures, flavors, fragrances and colors, any product can be more appealing to a consumer.

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+ Chef Consultant 

Smartphone supremacy and new demands for consumer convenience mean restaurants need to evolve in order to keep up with the trends.You might already have a restaurant business and want to expand your offering with a separate delivery menu, or you might have a great restaurant idea but want to minimise your overheads by being takeaway only.

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"Liz is a wonderful chef. She listens and delivers. Liz has been able to make delicious food with no dairy nor gluten. We eat super healthy and actually spend less money during the week by eating at home. If you want to eat healthily and need help, hire Liz!"

Rosemarie Rutecki /Pharmacist / Functional Medicine

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